Household Budget (multiple internal links)

Monthly expenses you should include in your household budget

Mortgages and home equity loans
Real estate taxes
Home electric service
Home heating and gas
Home telephone
Cell phone service
Internet Service
Cable TV
Water and sewer charges
Home maintenance and upkeep
Laundry and dry cleaning
Medical and dental out-of-pocket expenses
Vehicle fuel and maintenance
School expenses
Tuition charges
After school activities
Charitable contributions
Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance
Life insurance
Health insurance
Auto insurance
Other insurance
Self-employment taxes
Installment payments to the IRS or New York State
Auto loan payments
Auto lease payments
Other secured loan payments
Mortgages other than your home
Maintenance costs for property other than your home
Alimony, child support, and maintenance
Student loans
Personal care
Health club memberships
Pet expenses
All other expenses you actually pay

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