Document checklist

These are the documents that will be required to review you case for a possible bankruptcy filing. We request that you fax, e-mail or mail them to our office prior to your consultation. For office appointments, you can simply bring the documents with you.

1.     As many pay stubs as you have for the past six months for you and (if you are married) your spouse, even if your spouse is not filing with you. If you do not have pay stubs, see if your employer can provide you with a week by week summary of earnings for the past 6 months.

2.     Most recent two years tax returns, including all schedules and attachments. If you do not have copies of the returns, please contact your tax preparer. You can also obtain transcripts directly from the IRS or New York State.

3.     Titles to all cars, boats, motorcycles, campers. Registrations for snowmobiles, ATVs, jetskis, campers, trailers, and other recreational equipment.

4.     Most recent tax bill for your home, as well as any recent appraisals. If you own more than one property, we will need tax bills and appraisals for those properties as well.

5.     Copy (not the original) of the deed to your home and other real estate which you own.

6.     Bank statements for all your bank accounts for the past 90 days and a printout or handwritten statement showing your current bank account balances.

7.     Statement showing the cash value, death benefit and beneficiary of life insurance policies.

8.     Statement showing the current value of pension plans, IRA accounts, annuities, and other retirement plans.

9.     For self-employed individuals, a handwritten, detailed list of the total income and expenses for your business during the past six months.

10.     Copies of foreclosure papers, wage garnishment papers, bank account restraint notices, and any other court documents.

11.     Copies of all bills and collection notices for any debts that you owe, including debts you want to keep paying after the bankruptcy. We do not need copies of day to day bills (such as utility bills or car insurance bills) unless you are behind on them, in which case we do want copies.

12.     A list of all family members to whom you owe money (or that owe money to you), and a list of all money or property that you have transferred family members during the past 12 months. The list should contain names and addresses. [You will still be able to pay the family members back at some point, but they must be listed as creditors.].

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