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     We are pleased to offer every client a free consultation within 24 hours. During this consultation, you will speak directly with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys about the following topics:

1.     Your Household Budget:  So we can determine what type of bankruptcy is most appropriate based on your monthly income and expenses

2.     Your Assets:  So we can confirm that all assets will be fully protected; this is always possible if the right type of bankruptcy case is filed

3.     Your Debt:  So we can advise you which debts can be eliminated and which cannot

4.     The Bankruptcy Process:  So we can explain how it all works from start to finish

5.     The Costs:  So we can tell you exactly how much your case will cost and about the payment plans that are available

6.     Your Questions:  So we can answer any questions you have about the specifics of your case

Scheduling a consultation is easy. Just provide us with your contact information below and your appointment preferences, and we will call you back promptly (within a few hours) to set up a date and time.

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We handle most of our initial consultations by phone. This allows us to speak to every client quickly and address any concerns or fears that they may have. It also allows us to keep our costs down, and this one of the reasons our fees are lower than most other bankruptcy attorneys. We maintain 15 offices to meet our clients, and if follow-up consultations are required, they can be scheduled in an office near you. Rest assured, that you will never have to travel to any of our office locations (unless, of course, you want to), and all of your court hearings will be held locally [see our office location pages for information about court hearing sites].

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