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Over the past 25 years, our law firm have helped more than 15,000 honest, hard working people in Buffalo, Rochester, and the entire Western New York area file bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Although the decision to file bankruptcy is never easy, the process itself is much simpler than you think. We promise that you will be able to keep your home, car, and all other assets in any case we file for you.

The legal fees to file for bankruptcy protection are affordable. Our Chapter 7 fees start at just $795, and Chapter 13 cases can generally be filed with a deposit as low as $100.

We also offer a variety of non-bankruptcy solutions, including debt settlement and the defense of mortgage and property tax foreclosures. You can trust us to help you solve just about any financial problem you are facing.

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Unmatched Experience

We have 25 years experience handling ONLY bankruptcy, foreclosure and debt relief cases. Please don’t trust YOUR case to an attorney that claims to specialize in many areas of the law. We have handled 15,000 cases, including some of the toughest cases in Western New York. Hundreds of clients have come to us after they have received the WRONG advice from other attorneys.

Protect Your Assets

We will protect ALL of your assets, including your home, car, bank accounts, and tax refunds. Many people believe that they will lose all their property if they file bankruptcy. This is absolutely FALSE. People file bankruptcy in order to protect their assets from creditors. None of your assets will ever be at risk in any case we file for you.

Download our FREE 135 page bankruptcy guide. The guide covers important topics including:

  • The difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
  • The process of filing bankruptcy from start to finish in Western New York
  • The exemptions that protect your home, car, and other assets
  • How to rebuild your credit after filing

Complete Guide to Filing Bankruptcy in WNY

Complete Confidentiality

Your case will be kept completely CONFIDENTIAL at all times. From start to finish, the only people who will know about your case are your creditors, the court, your case trustee, and us. Do not believe what you may have read or people may have told you about bankruptcy being "public" knowledge. Yes, someone could go to the court and look up your case,but trust us, this just does not happen.

Rebuild Your Credit

Bankruptcy will not hurt your credit in the long run. In fact, for almost all of our clients, bankruptcy is the FASTEST way to improve credit. Why? Because the reality is that most people already have credit problems when they come to see us. Bankruptcy eliminates or restructures the debt people cannot pay. Once the debt is gone, people can pay all their bills on time and rebuild their credit. Even people with "good credit" who come to see us are often only a paycheck away from falling behind on their bills.

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Avoid Debt Settlement

Stay away from debt settlement and credit counseling programs. They simply do not work and most of them are basically just scams. We know people want to pay their debt, so it's easy to fall victim to these programs. But less than 5 percent of people ever complete these debt settlement programs. There are also significant tax consequences to debt settlement programs. Filing bankruptcy is the only legally guaranteed way to resolve debt without the fear of creditors coming after you later or any tax consequences.

A Fresh Start

Filing bankruptcy does NOT make you a failure. No one files bankruptcy because they don't want to pay creditors. People seek protection from creditors because of unexpected and unfortunate life events, such as illness, job loss, and divorce. I can promise you that almost EVERY client I have represented was a good and honorable person that encountered difficult personal or financial issues they never expected to face. You will recover from your current financial struggle and be stronger than you are today.

Affordable Legal Help

Bankruptcy is one of the LEAST expensive legal issues you will encounter in your life. Most Chapter 7 cases cost around $1,000, and we are happy to set up payment arrangements for you. We are not a cut-rate, discount law firm, but we can certainly charge less than our competitors because we are very efficient at what we do. Yes, it's true that you get what you pay for, but it's equally true that you do not have to overpay for good, professional representation.

If you are experiencing ANY of these issues, then bankruptcy may be the right choice:

You owe more than $10,000 in credit card or other unsecured debt

You have experienced an income reduction due to illness, job loss, divorce or another unexpected life event

You are barely able to make minimum payments each month

You are behind on mortgage payments, property taxes or car payments

You are constantly worrying about your bills or feel a sense of hopelessness about your finances

Your credit score is under 650 or is declining because of your debt

Your debt is causing problems in your relationships with your spouse, partner, or other people in your life

You are receiving calls or letters from bill collectors

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