We Are Efficient So We Can Charge Less

Our Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees are consistently lower than the fees charged by other bankruptcy attorneys

     Our fees are consistently lower that those of other attorneys because, quite simply, we are much more efficient due to our large volume. Frankly, it is a wonder to us that other local attorneys get away with charging bankruptcy clients $1,500 or more for a basic consumer Chapter 7 case that we can handle for a discounted rate of about $1,000 in most instances. However, we have observed during the past few years that consumers are becoming smarter when shopping for a bankruptcy attorney and realize that the process can be handled very affordably. For about 90% of  basic consumer cases, our fees are between $795-$1,095 (plus government filing fees).

     Typically, the only “extra” fee is for the removal of judgment liens against property, but this service is needed in only a small percentage of cases. An exact fee will be quoted to you at the end of your consultation. Remember, the first consultation is free, and we will never recommend that you file bankruptcy if we do not believe it is a good solution to your debt problems. Payment plans are almost always available for our fees.

      Chapter 13 cases are more expensive than Chapter 7 cases because they are generally much more complicated, require formulation of an acceptable repayment plan, and sometimes require additional court hearings. However, the good news is that a Chapter 13 case can usually be filed with only a small initial payment of $200 or $300 in legal fees (plus government filing fees). The remaining fees generally average $30-60 per month, depending on the duration of the plan and the complexity of the case. In some cases, the additional fees are actually paid from funds that would otherwise have been paid to creditors, so in a sense, the creditors are actually paying your fees for you! The exact total fee for your Chapter 13 case will be set at the initial consultation once we know the specifics of your situation.