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If you are struggling to pay your bills, then bankruptcy is probably the first option you should consider. Here’s why:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy has a nearly 100% success rate. Debt settlement programs have success rates as low as 5% (meaning that 95% of people who enroll do not have all their debts settled)

Bankruptcy is far more powerful than credit counseling. In fact, 70% of people who enroll in credit counseling programs drop out. Most people who do finish probably didn’t need credit counseling at all

Bankruptcy will almost certainly help your credit in the long run if you are already delinquent on your debts. In most cases, you are more likely to be approved for credit after bankruptcy than before

There is always a bankruptcy option that will allow you to keep your home, car, and other assets. (Don’t believe the stories you may have heard to the contrary)

A bankruptcy petition can be filed quickly (sometimes even in one day), and the filing instantly protects you from creditors

Bankruptcy can help you get caught up on delinquent mortgage payments, taxes, and car payments

Bankruptcy will quickly stop wage garnishments, judgments, and harassment from bill collectors



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