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We Are Western New York’s Largest Bankruptcy Law Firm For Good Reason!

We’ve Handled More Than 10,000 Chapter 7 and  Chapter 13 cases and Have Over 25 Years Experience
We Handle the Toughest Cases, Including Foreclosures, Tax Problems, Business Cases, Repossessions, High Debt, High Income, and many others
We’ll Protect All Your Assets, Including Your Home and Cars
We Offer Affordable Bankruptcy Fees (Starting at $795 for Chapter 7) and Payment Plans
We Have Offices Throughout WNY and Handle Cases in Every County
We Defend Foreclosures and Can Help You Save Your Home in Almost Any Situation
We Will Give Your Case the Attention, Wisdom, and Compassion it Deserves

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Is Bankruptcy Right For You? Complete Our FREE Online Evaluation Below and Find Out Now!

If You Are Experiencing ANY Of These Financial Problems, Then Bankruptcy May Be A Smart Choice:

You have credit card debt or other bills you can’t pay
You are struggling just to make minimum payments each month
You are paying your mortgage or rent after the first of the month
You are behind on car payments
You are worrying about your bills constantly
Your relationship is being damaged by fights over your finances
You have wage garnishments or judgments against you
Your are receiving calls or letters from bill collectors

Complete the Two Minute Form Below and I Will Provide you With a FREE Bankruptcy Evaluation Within 24 Hours

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I’ve helped more than 10,000 Western New Yorkers get a fresh start from their debts. If you are interested in learning more about bankruptcy, this completely confidential online evaluation is a great way to start. I will personally review your information and send you an e-mail within 24 hours (even on weekends!) with an opinion about whether bankruptcy is a good option for you.

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