New client auto letter

Thank you for contacting our office.

If you have not already received a call from one of our attorneys, you should within the next 24 hours at the latest. In the meantime, we are providing you with some helpful information about the bankruptcy process.

1.  Our guide about the bankruptcy process called the “Complete Guide to Filing Bankruptcy in Western New York.”

Please click on the link below for access to the guide

Complete Guide to Filing Bankruptcy in Western New York


2. A checklist of the information that you will need to get together for the free consultation. Obviously, not all of the documents will apply. Just do the best you can for now, and we can always get the rest of the documents later. Please note that we will obtain a credit report free of charge for you when we prepare your case.

Please follow the link below for the document list

Document checklist

Please feel free to e-mail us at any time with questions. We look forward to helping you.

Law Offices of Peter Grubea
Tel (888)496-6971

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