Accept That It May Be The Best Choice

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If you are struggling with debt problems of
any kind, you will feel better after you speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer

      Our bankruptcy lawyers have represented clients from literally all walks of life. Our clients include doctors, lawyers, school teachers, government employees, police officers, firemen, factory workers, salespeople, service industry employees, and even collection agents (ironically, for all the harassment they cause people with debt problems, collection agents often are paid so little that they cannot pay their own debts).

      Many of our Chapter 13  and Chapter 7 clients are referred to us by other attorneys and clients because they know that the people they send us will be treated with dignity, compassion and professionalism. We realize that most people try to resolve their debt problems on their own (for example, by enrolling in credit counseling or debt settlement programs) before talking to a bankruptcy attorney. However, if you are confronted by financial problems, you should learn more about the bankruptcy process before making any final decisions.

      We believe strongly in the bankruptcy process. In our opinion, it simply is not true that bankruptcy hurts the economy. In fact, we believe the opposite to be true. When people are just making minimum payments on their credit cards, they are doing nothing but putting interest payments in the hands of the shareholders who own the credit card companies. Basically, they are making the rich even richer.

      After filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people have the money available to purchase items that truly drive economic growth, such as homes, automobiles, clothing, furniture, etc. If you live in Buffalo, Rochester or anywhere else in Western New York, we encourage you contact us for a free consultation with our experienced attorneys.

Millions of Americans struggle with debt problems, and in a large percentage of cases, it is not their fault

      In some cases, the need to file bankruptcy is caused directly or indirectly by a life altering event, such as job loss, illness or divorce. In other cases, there may indeed be some element of financial mismanagement, which is in large part caused by the lack of adequate financial education at the high school and college level.

      In our opinion, the accumulation of credit card debt is very much the fault of the credit card companies that have deliberately misled people into believing that they are financially solvent if they are able to make minimum payments on credit cards. The reality is that a person who can only afford minimum payments is probably no more than just a few paychecks away from bankruptcy.

      The statistics we have studied show that for every person who files bankruptcy, there are probably seven others who have significant financial problems. If this figure is accurate, it means that at any given point, there are as many as 10,000,000 people in the United States who are in serious financial trouble.

Do not be embarrassed about your debts

      It is much more important that you learn from your mistakes than torment yourself for them. You are legally and morally entitled to be relieved of your debt when you cannot pay it. That is why the bankruptcy laws exist. Let us help you use the bankruptcy laws to help you move forward in your life.