Erie County Tax Foreclosure Scheduled for September

This year’s county tax foreclosure is scheduled for September. If you are behind in county taxes an are on the in rem list, do not ignore it. The County can and will sell your property at the auction.

There are five ways to protect yourself:

1.  You can redeem the property at any point prior to the sale by paying the back taxes.

2.  If the property is your primary home, contact the County Tax Office and see if they are willing to set up a payment plan. Typically, if it is the first time your property is on the tax sale list, they will offer you some type pf plan with 25% down.

3.  You can file an answer to the tax foreclosure (though time is running out for that). The answer will slow the foreclosure down and most likely remove if from this year’s auction list.

4.  You can petition the state court for a stay of the tax sale.

5.  You can file chapter 13 bankruptcy at any point up until the auction date. Chapter 13 will give you 5 years to pay the back taxes. Even if you cannot afford the property taxes in the long run, there are creative plans that can be filed to help.

We offer a free consultation if you would like to discuss any of these options. We can be reached at 716-853-1366 or


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