Complete list of federal exemptions

Asset Exemption Subsection of 11 USC § 522
Homestead Real property, mobile home, co-op, or burial plot: up to $20,200. Up to $10,125 of this amount may be used as a wildcard and applied to any kind of property. (d)(1); (d)(5)
Insurance Life insurance contract (not matured): all except credit insurance policies. (d)(7)
  Life insurance policy loan value and accrued dividends: up to $10, 755. (d)(8)
  Unemployment, disability, and illness benefits: all. (d)(10)(C)
  Life insurance payments from a policy taken out on someone the debtor depended on: all necessary for support. (d)(11)C)
Miscellaneous Child support and alimony: all necessary for support. (d)(10)(D)
Pensions Tax exempt retirement accounts (which include 401(k)s, 403(b)s, profit-sharing and money purchase plans, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, and defined-benefit plans): all. (b)(3)(C)
  IRAs and Roth IRAs: up to $1,095,000 per person. (b)(3)(C)
Personal Property Motor vehicle: up to $3,225. (d)(2)
  Household goods, appliances, furnishings, clothing, books, musical instruments, animals, crops: up to $525 per item and up to $10,775 total. (d)(3)
  Jewelry: up to $1,350. (d)(4)
  Health aids: all. (d)(9)
  Recovery for the wrongful death of a person on whom the debtor depended: all. (d)(11)(8)
  Recoveries for personal injury (excluding amounts for pain and suffering and pecuniary loss): up to $20,200. (d)(11)(D)
  Payments for lost earnings: all. (d)(11)(E)
Public Benefits Public assistance benefits: all. (d)(10)(A)
  Social Security benefits: all. (d)(10)(A)
  Unemployment compensation benefits: all. (d)(10)(A)
  Veterans’ benefits: all. (d)(10)(A)
  Crime victim compensation: all. (d)(11)(A)
Tools of Your Trade Implements, tools, and books: up to $2,025. (d)(6)
Wages No exemption.  
Wildcards Any property: up to $1,075. (d)(5)
  Any property: up to $10,125 of the unused homestead exemption. (d)(5)

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