City of Buffalo Tax Foreclosure Scheduled for October

The City of Buffalo tax foreclosure auction is once again scheduled for this October. If you own property that is scheduled to be sold, it is still not too late to take action to stop the tax sale. Every year, our office files dozens of chapter 13 cases to help property owners facing tax foreclosure auctions. It is very common for us to file cases within a day or two of the sale. Even if the property is not your home (i.e. rental or business property), Chapter 13 assistance is available. Do not be afraid to contact us at anytime if you need help. We will not turn you away if you are eligible for chapter 13 relief.

An emergency Chapter 13 petition automatically stops the auction. The City has never opposed last-minute bankruptcy filings, even those filed a day before the auction. In chapter 13, you will have five years to get caught up on all real estate debts, including city taxes, county taxes, water bills, and user fees.

If you need just a short term payment arrangement, you can petition the County Court for an order to remove the property from foreclosure. Owners are not required to have an attorney and may represent themselves. Court personnel and the City of Buffalo Law Department will be available at County Court – Part 27, 25 Delaware Ave. (Basement level), to assist owners a few days before the auction. You should contact the City for details.

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