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  1. Lynne R says:

    I read your book, and found it very helpful. However, I am in a situation where I have been on unemployment for 14 months, and have a small retirement. I have looked for many jobs, and not 1 offer. I am 58 almost 59, and I suffer from diabetes, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I have no medical insurance and probably will not go back to work. I have already filed chapter 7 with you. Is there any other direction you can provide to me?

    Thank you.

  2. Carol C says:

    deciding to file bankruptcy is a scary thing. Your reading material has helped to clarify a lot of my questions. This is one of the biggest decisions I have had to make. thanks for the book.

  3. Peter says:

    The waiting period to do a chapter 7 after filing a prior chapter 13 case is 6 years from the FILING date of the prior chapter 13. If you are past the 6 year mark, then you can indeed file a chapter 7, assuming you meet the eligibility requirements.

  4. Peter says:

    The waiting period to do a chapter 7 after receiving a chapter 13 discharge is six years from the date of the filing of the prior chapter 7, so if you were in a 5 year plan, the waiting period could be as short as 1 year. Also, if the your chapter 13 paid all unsecured creditors in full, the waiting period is even shorter

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